Webinar: Renewable Energy Disruption in the Australian Electricity Industry

Electricity supply in Australia has long been dominated by coal and natural gas. Generators are aging and gas is becoming much more expensive due to a rapidly expanded gas export industry. Increasing renewable energy penetration is a natural choice for the country. Currently this stands at 15% of electricity supply with about 6% large hydro, 7.5% wind and solar (mainly rooftop PV) and 1.5% bioenergy. In South Australia (SA), however, the RE penetration is 44% on an annual basis (being mostly wind and rooftop solar) and is likely to reach 50% soon. This variable renewable generation is complemented by natural gas and an interconnector with neighbouring Victoria capable of supplying just 30% of peak demand. In the past year blackout and high price events in SA have wrongly been blamed solely on renewables by a hostile media and the conservative Federal Government. This has led to a very polarised and “blame laying” debate, particularly on the need to restrict the growth of renewable energy in Australia.
What is required is collaboration – and as Australia’s Chief Scientist has said – an independent look at how to provide a reliable, secure, affordable and low emission electricity supply for Australia. To discuss the issues and situation are three very knowledgeable and respected speakers,

  • Hugh Saddler – Hon A/Prof, ANU Crawford School of Public Policy – “Transition from a National Electricity Market perspective”
  • Tristan Edis – Green Energy Markets – “Political aspects of the energy transformation “
  • Andrew Stock – Climate Council – “Situation in South Australia”
  • Moderators – Ben Elliston, Senior Consultant at IT Power (Australia) and Monica Oliphant – Past President ISES and Adj A/Prof Uni SA
The free webinar takes place on Wednesday, 26. April 2017 06:00 to 07:30 (GMT). The webinar duration is 1.50 hours. More details available on the International Solar Energy Society website: https://www.ises.org/webinars/2017-04-26


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